Thursday, January 24, 2013

Comeback Bloglife # Sharing Love Sound!

I am the one who seldom listen the latest new music, even outdated sound also hear it few times per month only.
Nearly 2 years without post any blog, many things happen and my thinking is changing over time. 
I am not the noob girl like past 2 years before, I am getting silent in my life and lazy social with friends.
I live in my life follow my own thinking. Everyday, I do the thing I love. 

Below is the highlighted things happen in this two years:
-> 14 July 2011, in a relationship with one guy. Travel Pulau Penang with him. 
-> Joined Tourism Club & Event - Water Sport Village, Sungai Lembing, Sunway Lagoon, Lang Tengah Island, Universal Studio Singapore, (Coming trip- Redang Island)
-> Oversea Travel- Hong Kong, Shen Zhen, Macau, Singapore
-> Get offer from Citibank Operation Department & OCBC Financial Depart. At in end, I choose to intern at OCBC Headquarters, KL. Meet a lot of friends at there & senior are very friendly. Miss you all & sweet memory! 
-> Try the 2 things that related with my ambitious! 

How about my ambitious? Still lagging..
However, I already start action for my dream. 
First things I tried, Failed. I am not use my heart to do it. 
Simple suggestion to my partner and stop it together.
May be I am not interesting on this things?

Second things I am trying, because of things related with my family...
Finally I am successful do it, but just a little achievement..
I understand myself not put effort enough inside the things. 
Hopefully I will continue run it after Chinese New Year!

Well, last but not least..I will love to sharing with you all 3 sounds, hope it able to relax your mind during exam! Good Luck for you all! This exam paper is our last 2nd exam, we are going to graduate on June! ^^

1) いま会いにゆきます 最後の森へ Be with you

2) Matsutani Suguru - Beyond the Time

3) 千と千尋の神隠し いのちの名前

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